So you might be asking what is My Kinda Prices all about?

Well here it goes.  My name is Addie and I love to bargain shop.  I guess I learned how to bargain shop from my mother who was always looking for a bargain.  It did not matter what it was she was always looking for that bargain.  I used to ridicule and mock her for it but guess what?  I turned out just like her and I love to find awesome prices on anything.

I am a mother of 3 and love the art of the deal.  Im not really that big with coupons but will look at them and use them when I remember.  But thing is when I remember, I’m always forgetting them at home when I go to the store.

I have stores and places I love to go to for great deals and I always love to tell my friends and family about them but I always run out of people to tell about my deals and where I got them.  So that is why I started this blog so I could tell the world about my deals.

I live in the Pacific Northwest so most of my deals will be here but I do get to travel a bit so I will be talking about great places in other cities also.

Take care