Deals on Hangers

Hangers are one of those times that everyone needs but no one wants to spend more money then they have to on.

And they are usually really ugly especially if you get them on the cheap side.  Those wire hangers are the worst.  The only thing they are really good for is picking locks in your house or for school projects.  They are cheap and they are useless.  Plastic ones are good but they can be pretty ugly and gaudy especially if you are trying to look all fancy.  I recently ran across this Facebook page Copper Hangers and I believe I hit the jackpot.  Fancy looking hangers that are reasonably priced.  I will admit that I am a little obsessed with hangers and I think I have found the holy grail of hangers.

Of course once I found that one Facebook page I progressed to do a full internet search on the item.  To my surprise their is not much out their.  They are either super expensive or they are in China and you have to order a whole container.  So my original find was the best out their by far and I ordered the product to test and they were awesome.  This company also has a video.  Check it out below.

They come in packs of 5 so keep that in mind when you see the price.  Also be aware that you will have to pay for shipping.  Once I got them they were awesome.  I will admit that I mainly use them in my main coat closet in the front of the house so when we have guests over they see the awesome hangers we have.  All of my guest are amazed and they love them and they always ask me where they can get some so if they are older people I will send them to the Facebook page but if they are younger I will send them to the Copper Hangers on Twitter page.  Because statistics do show that younger people are now avoiding Facebook and are mainly on Twitter.  As you know I try to appease everyone so I go out and find everything that I know so if someone asks me where can I find that time for the best price I can send them where I know they can access it.  Most young people are very internet savvy but the majority of old people are not.

I also went on a major search to try and find these times at retail stores and online retail stores such as amazon.  To my surprise I could not find any.  And when I did it was really expensive for just one hanger.

So these are new items that I feel are going to be getting really hot as in everyone is going to be owning some soon.  I would suggest that instead of being a follower why not be a trend setter for your fiends.  As in the person that has something before anyone else does.  We all want to be that person and now is your chance.

While I was doing my searching I found a brand name that is Hay Hangers.  They are trying to create a brand name associated with these particular type of hangers.  They may succeed because they are really one of only a few people on the internet trying to sell these hangers.  So I bought the Hay brand and just a regular one that does not claim to be Hay and to my surprise I found absolutely no difference in the item or the quality of the hanger.

So as in most cases don’t bother paying extra for the brand name.  Especially when their is no label to go with it.

Usually people will but brand name stuff for two reasons.

  1. The quality is better
  2. So they can show off the brand name

In the case of these hangers you have no advantage of buying the brand name.  My advice is go ahead and buy the generic because their is no difference at all.

I absolutely love my new hangers and advise everyone to go out and buy some.  I know I am rambling here but I just can’t get over these amazing looking hangers. The best part is that these will last me a very long time.  My front closet is full of these hangers and now I am going to start filling a clothes closet with these.  Now when ever I show a friend my clothes closet they will be impressed all the way around.

Get them now before everyone else starts getting them.



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