SEO in Portland

Ok I know I just wrote a post about the great deal I got on my SEO services but I wanted to touch up on that subject again because I see a lot of people getting screwed out there.

If you are in Portland then you need to do what I did and that is find an expert.  What I did was Google Portland SEO Expert and if you click on that link you will see who I found.

You should do the same for your city but you still need to be careful.  If they are on the first page it does not always mean they are nice to work with or affordable.  You know that I am always trying to find the good and their is always a good deal out their.  But sometimes you get what you pay for and that is especially true when it comes to digital marketing.  If you done know what digital marketing  is then check out this definition here.

But usually what I found was that the people that were really cheap gave you cheap quality.  Granted their is always the diamond in the rough that you can find but they are really hard to find in this field and if they don’t know what they are doing then they can really hurt your website rankings and get penalized by google which no one wants that.

So the trick is to find someone that does quality but does not charge you out of the park.  Usually the people that charge you out of the park either are very sought after and are busy as can be or are just super arrogant and think they are the best when they are just middle of the road.  So the trick is to find someone that is middle of the road and is hungry for work.

Now you don’t want to go with one of the national agencies because you will learn that they have great sales people but their quality usually sucks.  And as far as pricing goes they are usually really cheap or really expensive and they usually both such no matter what price point they are at.  Some examples are the yellow pages because they are doing so and ppc services and they are horrible.  They have great aggressive salesmen but that is about it.  They are horrible.

But SEO services are very important and it is very hard to learn on your won so don’t even try unless you are willing to spend hours and hours on the computer learning on what o do and what not to do.

But with a proper optimized website the world is your oyster.  You and your business can be found anywhere on the world wide web.  And getting found is half the battle.  The rest is closing but that will have to be for another post on hiring good quality salespeople at great prices.  Remember I am always out to try and find a great deal but sometimes you get what you pay for.

So to recap if you need your business or service to be found then go search for one on the first page of google and then find one that is priced right and talk with who you are going to be dealing with and make sure it is not some slick salesperson that will just end up passing the order on to the next department.

Good luck.

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