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As you know I am always looking for the good deal.  I guess thats why I names this blog my kinda prices and blog about all of the good deals here in the pacific northwest.

So I have a business and a website that I need more leads for.  So I though that I need my website to be on the first page of Google.  Well of course so I found an amazing company that is reasonable for now on Facebook and here they are They do amazing work and are so trustworthy.

They were honest with at what my expectations should be for getting on the first page.  I love it when a business is honest and straight forward.  Pretty much what they said was that they can get me to they first page but it could take 2 weeks or 6 months but they will get me there and we just have to trust and be patient.

They did provide progress reports and I will admit that I did loose faith for a while but in the end they did pull through.  Some keywords ranked faster but the main ones I wanted took a very long time.  Thats okay because the wait was worth is because I am as busy as ever now.

Trusting someone with SEO is scary but sometime you just have to trust and go for it because it has paid me back 30 fold so far.  And I am not even exaggerating at all.

Now the company I mentioned is pretty cheap for now but I suspect that they will be raising their prices very soon so go get them while they are cheap and explore your business or a friends business.

We all know of a friend of  a friend that has nephew that is a whiz on computers. My advice is don’t wait for this whiz who probably is only really good at video games and Facebook and go with my suggestion.  I am no joking about these people.  They are the best of the best.

As I state I am always looking for good prices and I have found it for now so go take advantage of it now.

To your ultimate success.

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