A Needed Service

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Their are some services that we all need eventually.  And one of those services is a plumber.

I’m not going to tell you what I need the plumber for because it is king of embarrassing but I need one in the worst way.  I searched around and I eventually found one that was eager for work and who’s prices were amazing.

To see who that plumber was click here.

Needless to say I was a little nervous if this plumber was going to:

  1. Show up at all
  2. return my call
  3. Do quality work
  4. Get here and keep adding on more charges to complete the job (very typical just like instant oil change places)

So I was a little nervous that I was being too cheap and not getting good quality work.  Yes I will admit that this happened to me before.

So surprisingly after I left a voicemail I got a cal right back and they quoted me exactly what the website said it was going to quote me and they could come when I wanted them to which was right away.  So again I was still nervous because of the add on factor.

They came exactly when they said they would and showed up with a smile and really professional looking.  Basically plumbers crack did not apply to these guys.

They fixed my problem right away.  Actually embarrassingly fast and their work was amazing.  Well Im assuming it was amazing because I can’t tell bad from good work all I can tell if is the job got done.

And they had nothing to add on.  So basically what I’m saying is go to the link above and check them out if you need anything done.

But I asked them why they were so cheap. And they flat out told me that they were breaking even but they were trying to gain my trust for when a major problem did occur you would them first and only.  And they wanted me to tell all of my friends about them or write a blog post about them which they knew nothing about my blog.

I give them credit because they are one of the few business that are thinking long term.  Anyone can take advantage of a person once and then they will eventually be out of business because they will get no referrals and no one will come back to them because they knew they got ripped off but could do nothing about it.

If you have a strong referral base then the leads and jobs come to you plus the repeat business is icing on the cake.  It takes time but is well worth it in the long run.

It is kind of like the tortoise and the hare.  The hare is faster in the beginning but the tortoise ends up winning the race because it had a plan and it was a good lan to keep trucking along and generating business along the way.

My advice to you is to be the tortoise and create a long lasting business that is around for years to come.

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