Traveling In Style Cheap

Professional chauffeur standing next to his stretch limousine.

Yes you read the headline right.  “Traveling In Style Cheap”

It can be done but it has to be done right and at the right time.

I recently got a ride to the airport from Limo Beaverton for $40 and I live about 30 minutes from the airport with no traffic.

Now if you look at it.  I would have wasted money on gas and then have to pay for parking at the airport which for  a week trip would have been more than $40.  Then I would have to park my car a long ways from the terminal and take a shuttle.  What a hassle.

My other options were ask a friend to drive me which is inconvenient for them or take a train which is a pain in the butt for me.

The limo dropped me off right in front of my terminal and the driver help me with my bags.  I even arranged for the limo to pick me up for my ride home.  Woo Hoo!!!

How did I do it?

Very Simple.

First you have to realize if it is prom or any other type of special type of seasonal event you will not find a limo for cheap or at all.  They are very busy and charge premium prices and require 6 hour minimum.  But you can snag one in the mornings of prom season because you are just icing on the cake for them then.

Pretty much you have to have some common sense of how and when yo are booking you limo.  Then you have to sweet talk and negotiate a little.  Basically they want your business and will do anything for it when push comes to shove.  But be careful because not all limo owners are business people.  Some just have a limo because they thought it would be fun to drive their friends around town.  So find a limo business that is business like and you will find your deal.

Again they need to run their limos as much as possible so they can run and maintain them plus they are counting on you telling your friends all about them and how awesome they are which I will do and I will use them when I really do need to use them during a peak time.

Remember don’t forget to negotiate and remember to tip the driver because they mainly earn from tips.

Stay tuned for my next money saving tip.

Please feel free to share your money saving techniques.

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