Thrift Shop Shopping

adding valueI love shopping at thrift shops but you have to be careful and know what you are shopping for.

I know some people that will go shopping at a thrift shop or a  used clothes shop and they will come back with about 20 outfits.  A lot of the out fits usually don’t quite fit right or are jut plain ugly.  I usually ask them. “why did you buy so many outfits” and they usually respond with something like, “because it was so cheap and I figure I will wear the some time.”

Guess what?

They usually only ever end up wearing 1 or 2 pieces of clothing that they purchase and the rest usually ends up going back to Goodwill or some other type of place.

So in reality those good deals they ended up getting ended up be very expensive ugly used outfits.  Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with shopping at Goodwill or any other type of place and getting used clothing but you have to be careful when you do.

Like in the example above if my friend would get two good new outfits from some nice place and wear them all the time then they end up saving money because they are wearing and getting good use out of the outfits.

So when I go clothes shopping at thrift stores I usually follow these rules:

  1. Know exactly what you need or want when going in
  2. resist the impulse purchase
  3. If it is an impulse purchase know exactly what you are going to wear it with and force yourself to flow through.  If you always force yourself to follow through you will think twice about buying something because you actually have to wear it.
  4. Limit yourself to only a couple outfits or clothes items
  5. If it has a tag and is brand new don’t just buy it because its brand new.  Still think “am I really going to wear this?

Those are just some basic rules I follow when going shopping at thrift stores.

Now I have for some amazing clothing at thrift stores and I do love to shop at them but you just have to be careful.  Because lets face you are shopping at a thrift store to save money.  Most of the time.

And please don’t buy something that you know was one of your friends.

Getting gifts at thrift stores on a touchy subject.  Again it has to be something special and unique.

Now times such as telephones, glasses, vases can be amazing times to buy at thrift stores so keep your eyes open for items scubas those.  Especially if you are shopping for a college house or a first time house with tight budgets.  Those times are amazing times to buy.  Another time to look for is used VCRs and DVD players.  Most us don’t have uses for these items anymore but for $10 one can find a way to use them.  Call me crazy but I found amazing home phones at Goodwill.  These items still have use if you need them.

So go find a thrift store and go crazy.

What are some of your favorite thrift stores and what are some of the great times you found there?

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