Awesome Grocery Store

saving moneyAs you can tell by the headline I went to the best grocery store ever.  Being as tight and cost efficient as I am this is the best store to buy groceries at bat none.

I went their today and bought 3 bags of groceries that would have cost me atlas $120 at any other type of some but only cost me $60 at this store.

Drum Roll Please!!!!

This amazing store is Winco.

This is an amazing store.  It is a no frills store but it delivers when you get to the check out counter.

They don’t take credit cards.  But they take cash, debit card and cash.

You have to bag your own groceries but when you see the savings you get who cares.  Saving money is saving money.  I am happy to bag my own groceries and will even do it for other people with the saving I am getting.

They are primarily focus in the West but they seem to be creeping East.  Watch out east coast grocery chains.  Winco is taking over.  Plus they are an employee owned company which is great to see.

I lived in Michigan of a while and I really missed Winco.  Their was Meijer who claimed to have low prices but it was just an advertising gimmick.  Winco does not need to advertise because everyone knows they have the best deals around.

Only thing is you do have to watch their vegetables, meat and fish.  It usually is good but you still have to watch it.

I say bargain shoppers unite an lets get this chain coast to coast because they truly seem to be watching out for us the consumer.

I realize foo prices are rising but they seem to still keep it WAY cheaper than all of the other stores.

My only real advice is you have to be patient in the aisles.  Everyone else is trying to get through also.  You are not the only one in a hurry.

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