Thrift Shop Shopping

adding valueI love shopping at thrift shops but you have to be careful and know what you are shopping for.

I know some people that will go shopping at a thrift shop or a  used clothes shop and they will come back with about 20 outfits.  A lot of the out fits usually don’t quite fit right or are jut plain ugly.  I usually ask them. “why did you buy so many outfits” and they usually respond with something like, “because it was so cheap and I figure I will wear the some time.”

Guess what?

They usually only ever end up wearing 1 or 2 pieces of clothing that they purchase and the rest usually ends up going back to Goodwill or some other type of place.

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Awesome Grocery Store

saving moneyAs you can tell by the headline I went to the best grocery store ever.  Being as tight and cost efficient as I am this is the best store to buy groceries at bat none.

I went their today and bought 3 bags of groceries that would have cost me atlas $120 at any other type of some but only cost me $60 at this store.

Drum Roll Please!!!!

This amazing store is Winco.

This is an amazing store.  It is a no frills store but it delivers when you get to the check out counter.

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