Deals on Hangers

Hangers are one of those times that everyone needs but no one wants to spend more money then they have to on.

And they are usually really ugly especially if you get them on the cheap side.  Those wire hangers are the worst.  The only thing they are really good for is picking locks in your house or for school projects.  They are cheap and they are useless.  Plastic ones are good but they can be pretty ugly and gaudy especially if you are trying to look all fancy.  I recently ran across this Facebook page Copper Hangers and I believe I hit the jackpot.  Fancy looking hangers that are reasonably priced.  I will admit that I am a little obsessed with hangers and I think I have found the holy grail of hangers.

Of course once I found that one Facebook page I progressed to do a full internet search on the item.  To my surprise their is not much out their.  They are either super expensive or they are in China and you have to order a whole container.  So my original find was the best out their by far and I ordered the product to test and they were awesome.  This company also has a video.  Check it out below.

They come in packs of 5 so keep that in mind when you see the price.  Also be aware that you will have to pay for shipping.  Once I got them they were awesome.  I will admit that I mainly use them in my main coat closet in the front of the house so when we have guests over they see the awesome hangers we have.  All of my guest are amazed and they love them and they always ask me where they can get some so if they are older people I will send them to the Facebook page but if they are younger I will send them to the Copper Hangers on Twitter page.  Because statistics do show that younger people are now avoiding Facebook and are mainly on Twitter.  As you know I try to appease everyone so I go out and find everything that I know so if someone asks me where can I find that time for the best price I can send them where I know they can access it.  Most young people are very internet savvy but the majority of old people are not.

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Value SEO

As you know I am always looking for the good deal.  I guess thats why I names this blog my kinda prices and blog about all of the good deals here in the pacific northwest.

So I have a business and a website that I need more leads for.  So I though that I need my website to be on the first page of Google.  Well of course so I found an amazing company that is reasonable for now on Facebook and here they are They do amazing work and are so trustworthy.

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Traveling In Style Cheap

Professional chauffeur standing next to his stretch limousine.

Yes you read the headline right.  “Traveling In Style Cheap”

It can be done but it has to be done right and at the right time.

I recently got a ride to the airport from Limo Beaverton for $40 and I live about 30 minutes from the airport with no traffic.

Now if you look at it.  I would have wasted money on gas and then have to pay for parking at the airport which for  a week trip would have been more than $40.  Then I would have to park my car a long ways from the terminal and take a shuttle.  What a hassle.

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SEO in Portland

Ok I know I just wrote a post about the great deal I got on my SEO services but I wanted to touch up on that subject again because I see a lot of people getting screwed out there.

If you are in Portland then you need to do what I did and that is find an expert.  What I did was Google Portland SEO Expert and if you click on that link you will see who I found.

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A Needed Service

plumbing and a blackboard with the text on the drawing

Their are some services that we all need eventually.  And one of those services is a plumber.

I’m not going to tell you what I need the plumber for because it is king of embarrassing but I need one in the worst way.  I searched around and I eventually found one that was eager for work and who’s prices were amazing.

To see who that plumber was click here.

Needless to say I was a little nervous if this plumber was going to:

  1. Show up at all
  2. return my call
  3. Do quality work
  4. Get here and keep adding on more charges to complete the job (very typical just like instant oil change places)

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Thrift Shop Shopping

adding valueI love shopping at thrift shops but you have to be careful and know what you are shopping for.

I know some people that will go shopping at a thrift shop or a  used clothes shop and they will come back with about 20 outfits.  A lot of the out fits usually don’t quite fit right or are jut plain ugly.  I usually ask them. “why did you buy so many outfits” and they usually respond with something like, “because it was so cheap and I figure I will wear the some time.”

Guess what?

They usually only ever end up wearing 1 or 2 pieces of clothing that they purchase and the rest usually ends up going back to Goodwill or some other type of place.

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Awesome Grocery Store

saving moneyAs you can tell by the headline I went to the best grocery store ever.  Being as tight and cost efficient as I am this is the best store to buy groceries at bat none.

I went their today and bought 3 bags of groceries that would have cost me atlas $120 at any other type of some but only cost me $60 at this store.

Drum Roll Please!!!!

This amazing store is Winco.

This is an amazing store.  It is a no frills store but it delivers when you get to the check out counter.

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Welcome To My Blog

Sales PriceHi.  This is my new website/blog My Kinda Prices.  If you read my about section I go into greater detail about who I am and what this blog is going to be all about.  But if you just don’t feel like going to that page (which I can relate because it is hard to click sometimes) I will shortly tell you what this blog is going to be all about.

I am all about good deals and hardly ever paying full price for anything.  Their are multiple reasons why I don’t want to pay full price for anything but I think the main reason is because money is tight and I’m no billionaire where money is not a problem.  Money is tight as always and I need deals to help my family survive.

I live in the Pacific Northwest and actually live in the Portland area so most of my deals will be in the Portland and Salem areas but I do get to travel a lot and I will be talking about places and deals I find in other states.

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